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Server Rules

  1. Respect everyone, especially the staff team. Your behavior towards others will reflect their behavior against you.
  2. Bugs should be fixed and not abused. If you are caught exploiting a bug, please expect to be punished accordingly. Report a bug to our staff or use report-a-bug channel.
  3. You are responsible for your account's safety. The staff team will never ask for any of your account's sensitive credentials. Letting any others use your account absolves the staff team from any liability in your account.
  4. Using 3rd Party Programs, skills, or resources that automates, disrupts, or alters the in-game environment, economy, and gaming experience is a punishable offense. Examples of these are AFK farming, botting, and gating.
  5. RMT(Real Money Trading) is not allowed. Donations help in maintenance and improvement of our server and we will try to give back to our community as much as we can.
  6. Discussing, advertising, or promoting other Ragnarok servers is strictly prohibited and is considered a punishable offense.
  7. Everyone has freedom in communication. However, please refrain from spamming and discussing politics, religion, race, hate-speech, or any irrelevant sensitive topics.
  8. We value any feedback given that it is constructive. Any form of defamation or rumor mongering about the server will not be tolerated.
  9. Impersonating a staff team to scam, mislead, or benefit from another player is a punishable offense.
  10. The staff team is trained to be unbiased. Depending on the scenario, any decision made by staff should be in accordance with rules and values that are aligned with sensibility, fairness, and equality.
  11. The staff team reserves all the rights to change or update these rules without prior notice.
  12. All names that you use in-game(Character, Party, Guild, Pet, Homunculues, etc.) should adhere to our server rules and should not contain offensive, foul, or sensitive words or languages.
  13. Circumventing your punishment by creating or using other accounts will only result in additional penalties against you.

*Note: these rules will be updated from time to time, so it is highly advised to visit our rules on a regular basis